The city of Aden, controlled by the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council, is witnessing a new wave of assassinations

In less than a month, reached to 15 cases. But what it distinguishes this time is that it was launched with the signing of Riyadh Agreement, that puts the transitional and Hadi in the basket of Saudi Arabia, So Did the Emirates introduce a new player to the complex scene in the south?
In several areas in the center of Aden, information obtained by the “alkhabaralyemeni” is confirmed by 5 sources, one of them holds a leadership position in the Southern Transitional Council and the last one is dissident from the leadership of the Council, said that Local mediators have made an extensive purchase of real estate with the aim of resettling the team of Brigadier Ammar Muhammad Abdullah Saleh, the new associate of the War Alliance against Yemen.
According to the sources, this settlement process is led by a person named Ibrahim Al-Yafei, He bought many villas and apartment buildings in the city of Sirah. More specifically near the Al-Ma’aseq Palace,the residence of the Hadi government, and next to the Solban camp in Khor Maksar. In addition to the city of Inma, where officials and senior leaders have own villas.
These properties where assassination teams consisting of officers are settling and soldiers loyal to Ammar Saleh, the deputy of the National Security Service in Sana’a, until 2012, indicates Emirati pressure on the transitional council to accept it. This is what made the council, according to a dissident leader; specify telephone numbers to receive complaints from the citizens of the north after years of his participation in regionally motivated displacement campaigns.
Regardless to the real estate investments of Ammar Saleh in Aden
what was known during his national security career on forming assassination lobbies that targeted many activists and politicians in Sana’a. However, his recent moves have become a concern of many military leaders not only in Hadi government, but even among the transitional who has controlled Aden since last August
Its leaders are surprised every day with an organized assassination targeting a security official or military commander.
These assassinations were behind the UAE, when many of its people fell Messy and flawless this includes publishing videos internationally and it shows American mercenaries used by Abu Dhabi to liquidate reform leaders, according to the military website but it is now organized and indicates that its implementers have previous experience and efficient delivery of messages to the opponents of Abu Dhabi.
Their capabilities outweigh the possibility of the “decisive” cells that Zubaidi established with the aim of assassinations after 1994.
According to the source, who is still holding a position in the Southern Leadership Council, He stated to the Yemeni news on condition that his name be kept for security reasons, that “The Emirates, which marketed the return of Ahmed Ali Abdullah Saleh to the frontage, He used the expertise of his uncle’s son as a new arm in Aden,
While previously supervised holding several meetings between him and the leaders of the Southern Transitional Council. However, his recent moves came after Al-Zubaidi, chairman of the council threw himself in the Saudi basket, and signed Riyadh agreement, bypassing the UAE interests, Despite Saudi efforts to dissolve it within the framework of Hadi government, ” this makes the chances of the UAE betting on this new assembly in 2017. It shrinks daily due to the recent resignations, which amounted to the support of the Emirates entities independent of the transitional leadership and led by defectors from the Council to replace it.
The UAE realizes that the transitional council is close to collapse and looking for new components to fill the void.

It is she who has been known since her entry into Aden by relying on conference leaders affiliated with Saleh’s son, and there are many evidences. But the fear remains that the new tools will become a knife in the side of the transition council and his leaders freezing more than jealousy game of conflicts, interests and fueling war between the southern parties, which are fueled by regional and international parties.

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