Sana’a (SPC) President Condoles Chief of Staff of Hadi Forces

President of Sana’a Supreme Political Council (SPC), Mahdi Al-Mashat, on Thursday offered condolences on the death of Sheikh Hamoud Ahmed Ali bin Aziz, who passed away at the age of 120 years.

Sheikh Hamoud Ahmed Ali bin Aziz is father of Chief of Staff of the Hadi’s Forces.

In the condolence cable he sent to Sheikh bin Aziz’s son and all his family, President Al-Mashat praised the roles of the deceased in the service of the tribe and the homeland.

Al-Mashat pointed out that Sheikh bin Aziz had a clear role in opposing the brutal aggression on the homeland, affirming that his death is a heavy loss for Harf Sufian district and Amran province in particular and the homeland in general.

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