STC Following Footsteps of “Houthis” to Bring Down “legitimacy”, Encircling Saudi Arabia

The Southern Transitional Council (STC), backed by UAE in southern Yemen, is stepping up its actions on the ground and his goal this time is to push the escalation against Saudi Arabia and the factions to the farthest extent, hoping that this would give him even a small share in the negotiation delegation that Islah and Hadi rules the grip on its knuckles and refuses even his presence in it, although it became part of the legitimacy according to the Riyadh Agreement, so what are the options of STC now?

Exclusive- Alkhabar Alyemeni:

Until now, the transitional does not seem to be heading towards a military battle with the “legitimate” factions. Even more reinforcements that deployed in khabar alraqsha, on the contact lines with Hadi’s forces in Abyan, it was only a defensive step, nothing more. However, this does not mean that STC who mobilized all its leaders from abroad, despite the Saudi ban on entering Aden, in which UAE deliberately broke the ban and transporting them on a plane to Mocha before transporting them by land to Aden, will not fall “legitimacy” He will not fight the decisive battle whose features have begun to emerge in parallel with the international movement to push for a comprehensive peace process in Yemen, who owns the land alone will be the scene master on it. All data indicate that the transitional, which allocated almost 400 million dollars for rallying to celebrate its founding anniversary this May, is preparing for pivot decisions in the coming days that may undermine Riyadh agreement. And may raise the ceiling of his demands to the farthest extent, he has already taken steps to reinforce his new orientation, the last of which is requiring the “legitimate” media to obtain work permits in Aden from his authority in the city even though he knows that the decision contradicts the press law issued by the unity government in the 1990s, and thus he seeks what journalists accuse him of to eliminate the limited margin of freedom and harness the media there In favor of his new project, which he just brought it from Abu Dhabi, before that, the transitional had formed an economic council and waved to form a judiciary council, these steps are separating the council from “legitimacy” which has chosen Hadhramaut as an alternative homeland, after STC supporters stormed its headquarters in Al-Masheeq several weeks ago.

All indications confirm that the transitional is preparing very close escalation steps, and that he is not seeking more attrition battles within the borders of his stronghold in Aden, rather he is planning to take advantage from “Houthis” in the mechanism of their subjugation of Saudi Arabia by transferring the battle to the borders with it, which will tighten the noose on it. And it prevents it from further manipulating in the humanitarian card in the face of the Council, whose strongholds live in tragic conditions, and this step actually began with the campaign kicked off by the head of the National Transitional Society, Ahmed Bin Brik, on social media, under the name “Together to liberate Wadi Hadhramaut, and his promise to return after Eid al-Adha to lead the battle there by himself, to expand during the past hours to Al-Mahrah, where al-Zubaidi from Aden leads a new alliance with the former governor of Al-Mahrah Rajih Bakrit the most of Saudi Arabia’s opponents now after being harassed by saudi arabia and exiled his family abroad, detained him and confiscated his personal papers.

As for the transitional, Bakrit, who maintains large militias in Al-Mahrah, founded it at the expense of Saudi Arabia, which is eager for influence in Al-Mahrah, has become a Trojan Horse, in the governorate that rejected all local and regional recruitment projects, and aligning with him may further tighten the screws on Saudi Arabia, which has become in an unenviable situation, as Houthis approached control on Marib city, its last stronghold in northern Yemen.

Although the transitional was forced to abort previous escalatory steps by coalition, the most prominent of which is “self-management.” However, his recent moves, based on his offer to rapprochement with “Houthis”, in a bold challenge to Saudi Arabia, it indicates that STC is proceeding with its unilateral options for escalation, especially after realizing that Saudi support will not come except according to Riyadh’s agenda, and nothing will be given for free.

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