STC Vows to Hadi’s Forces from Shabwah 

The head of the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) Aidaroos Zubaidi, has vowed to expel Hadi’s forces from Shabwah province in southeastern Yemen soon.

Zubeidi said, Saturday, that the patience of the sons of Shabwah on this situation will not be long.

“The situation in the province will soon be over, God willing, and the sons of Shabwah will return to run their province and take over the province in order to maintain its security and stability,” he said, Referring to the expulsion of Hadi and Islah forces from the province.

This came during a meeting between Zubaidi and the head of the executive body of the STC in Shabwah province Ali Ahmed al-Jabwani in Aden.

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