Al-Qaeda Camped in Hadda’a District in Lahij, Threatened STC in Abyan

Hundreds of al-Qaeda members arrived during the past two days to Hadda’a district in Lahij province, and adjacent to the district of Al-Zahir of Al-Bayda province.

Local sources said that crews bearing the banners of the organization arrived at the directorate in the light of day. This confirms its coordination with the coalition and the forces loyal to it.

Al-Qaeda re-established itself in a number of areas in the southern provinces, where the elements of the organization gathered in Jishan area in Abyan, and it strengthened its presence in the “Almahkmah” area.

Sources said that the organization kidnapped the officer, Yasser Al-Saadi, the supply official for the security belt – Lauder-Abyan sector.

In this context, the organization sent a message to the people of Almahkmah district, and threatened to war fight with the members of the security belt who are in the area.

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