Sets Conditions for Return, Sana’a Withdraws Its Military Delegation from Jordan Negotiations

Sana’a government announced on Thursday new conditions for resuming participation in any coming negotiations.

This step came in conjunction with return of Sana’a military delegation from Jordan after the failure to launch a round of negotiations that was expected this week.

The head of Sana’a military delegation to discuss the armistice violations and the opening of roads, Major General Yahya Al-Razzami, stressed the need to complete and implement the humanitarian file before any military negotiations.

A press conference, which was held on Thursday at Sana’a Airport upon his return and his accompanying delegation from Jordan, said, “One of our priorities is to complete the humanitarian file, which is the payment of salaries, the lifting of restrictions on airports and ports, and the lifting siege on Yemen completely before engaging in any other discussions or agreements in the military file.” Until a decision is made on the humanitarian file treatment.”

He added: “The mediators told us that a truce without salaries is useless and salaries cannot be overlooked, as they are a legitimate right and a basic demand.”

Al-Razzami continued, “We held a number of exceptional, unofficial meetings with the UN mediators without achieving any positive results, so that some other parties affiliated with the other side disavowed the implementation of the concluded understandings.”

He pointed out that there are negative positions on the part of some international mediators regarding the reluctance of the other parties and their relentless efforts to put their interests ahead of the interests of the great Yemeni people through their rejection of everything that has been proposed that belongs to the Yemeni people.

Major General Al-Razzami denounced the statement of the UN representative, in which it was clear that he was biased towards the other parties regarding the systematic state of escalation, represented by the creation of new sites and the conduct of hostile and sabotage acts in Taiz province.

The head of the military delegation said: “Repeated correspondences and letters we sent to them, which we addressed to the UN envoy and his military advisor regarding military developments and hostilities in Mount Hal in the Al-Dhabab area in Taiz province.”

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