Due to the War, Yemen’s Agricultural Sector Losses Over $111 billion

The Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation in Sana’a government on Saturday said that the total losses resulting from the war and siege on the agricultural sector amounted to $111,279,271,000 dollars.

The Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation, Abdulmalik Al-Thawr, indicated in a press conference on the damages and losses of the agricultural sector as a result of the war on Yemen that the direct losses and damages since the beginning of the war amounted to $7,477,507,000 dollars.

The Minister of Agriculture stated that the cost of indirect damages and losses in the agricultural sector exceeded $103,801,764,000 dollars.

Al-Thawr explained that the direct damage has affected the buildings and facilities of agricultural associations, water facilities, agricultural markets, export centers, warehouses and stores.

The direct damage also affected the water transport pipelines, reserves, productive nurseries, livestock, honey apiaries and the poultry sector, Al-Thawr added.

He referred that the indirect damages were represented in targeting agricultural production, productive nurseries, agricultural markets, export centers, shops, commodity exchange, local product, natural and productive resources.

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