Saudi Arabia Fails to Assassinate Yemeni Activist in America

The Yemeni activist, and the regional director of the European Organization for Human Rights (European), Muhammad Al-Zubaidi, was subjected on Monday to an assassination attempt in the United States of America, with a burning chemical sprayed on his face.

The activist, Al-Zubaidi, who resides in New York, explained that he suffered minor burns as a result of an unknown person spraying hydrogen oxide on his face and fleeing from the place. This caused “minor burns to Al-Zubaidi’s face, swelling in the eyes and shortness of breath.”

Regarding who was behind the assassination attempt, Al-Zubaidi accused the Saudi lobby, against the background of its activity in “exposing the crimes of the coalition in Yemen.” Especially since, he recently called a few weeks ago for “convening the free Yemen bloc abroad with activists from the Saudi opposition, to condemn Saudi Arabia’s crimes against innocents.”

The regional director of the European Organization for Human Rights confirmed that he would “assign a lawyer to file a case against the Saudi regime in America, after following up on the progress of the investigations.”

Pointing out that he has no enmities with anyone, and all those affected by my media and human rights work, is the Saudi regime because I am publishing its crimes inside and outside Saudi Arabia,” according to a Facebook post.

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