Recent Shocking Statistic Reveals Violations of Coalition Factions Against Yemeni Women

A human rights organization concerned with women and children revealed, on Sunday, new statistics on the victims of the Saudi-Emirati coalition war on women in Yemen, during the past eight years.

It includes the violations of the pro-factions of coalition against the rights of Yemeni women in the areas under their control.

In a statement that coincided with the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, Intesaf for Women and Children” organization stated that “five thousand and 297 women were killed or wounded during the years of the coalition war on Yemen. Indicating that the number of dead women reached 2,435, and 2,862 wounded.

On the violations of the coalition factions against women on the western coast of Yemen, the organization said that it had reached “695 crimes, including 132 rapes and 56 kidnappings, while the violations in the southern provinces, and Aden in particular, amounted to 443 crimes of rape, according to reports received by the organization.

In its statement, the organization indicated that more than 1.5 million pregnant and lactating women suffer from malnutrition, of whom 650,495 are moderately malnourished.  Confirming that a woman and six newborns die every two hours due to complications during pregnancy or during childbirth. It is estimated that the number of women who may lose their lives during pregnancy or childbirth is approximately 17 thousand women.

The war on Yemen has deprived women of their right to access health services, by targeting hospitals and centers and spreading diseases and epidemics. Moreover, the high rates of malnutrition, especially among pregnant and lactating women, in addition to the increase in the rate of abortion and fetal deformity as a result of the use of internationally prohibited weapons, according to the statement.

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