New Saudi Forces Arrives in Aden

Saudi Arabia sent on Thursday new military reinforcements to the city of Aden, southern Yemen, amid final moves to evacuate the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) factions from their main stronghold.

Informed sources told the Yemen Press Agency that a batch of Saudi forces arrived, in the past hours, at the Saudi-led coalition camp in Al-Buraiqa area, in the city of Aden, coming from Al-Wadiah border crossing.

The Saudi reinforcements are the third of their kind in less than a month, which have already been deployed in most of the vital sites in the city of Aden, after the STC’s factions were expelled from them.

It is expected that the move will spark a new round of conflict in Aden, amid expectations of direct confrontations between the Saudi forces and the STC, with the latter trying to defend its last presence in the political and military scene.

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