US Arranges to Tighten Blockade on Yemen

The government loyal to the Saudi-led coalition on Saturday revealed that it had started arrangements to impose more restrictions on the entry of food and fuel ships to the port of Hodeida.

This comes after extensive meetings with US officials, most notably the envoy, Tim Lenderking, who is currently visiting the region.

Media reported that the pro-coalition government began pursuing oil companies that own ships that transport fuel under the pretext of dealing with what it described as “Houthis,” noting that the move is part of efforts to tighten restrictions on the entry of oil derivatives through the port of Hodeida.

The move of the pro-coalition government came in the wake of a meeting between the Minister of Finance in Moien’s government and the US envoy to Yemen.

Later, the US envoy, during a meeting with the UN envoy, hinted at his country’s tendency to tighten food entry procedures, under the pretext of obstacles that Sanaa may impose on the distribution of aid, which is an attempt to justify the anticipated blockade crime.

These moves, despite proving their failure over the past years, indicate Washington’s attempt to pressure Sanaa to allow the export of oil for the benefit of regional and international parties, while Sana’a sticks to spending its revenues on paying salaries.

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