American Fears that “Houthis” Will End their Influence as Its Cards in Region Run Out

United States revealed fears that Houthis would end their influence in the Gulf. US media quoted on officials as warning of approaching end of US influence in the Arab region.

According to what was reported by the American magazine Foreign Affairs, the American influence on Saudi Arabia and UAE is diminishing, at the same time, the US administration does not have any influence over what it described as “Houthis”.

The magazine pointed out that despite Biden administration’s attempts to rectify American influence in the Gulf by withdrawing the war effort of Saudi Arabia and UAE and appointing a new mediator, but the collapse of the truce and its failure to extend indicates long-term challenges.

In its report, the magazine warned that what it described as the “current impasse” could lead to a military escalation. Considering this a severe blow to Washington, which no longer has anything to do to stop this escalation.

The American expectations come at a time when Biden administration is trying to throw all its cards in an attempt to return to the war table in Yemen. It pushes politically for its envoy, who is continuing his tour in the region, to become more involved in Yemen file, amidst a boycott from one of the most important parties in the scene, while Saudi Arabia and UAE are trying to keep up with the American efforts at times and push for escalation at others.

It is also trying to renew its military cards by deploying naval vessels and unmanned systems in the territorial waters of Yemen with waving the blockade card in an attempt to pressure for new concessions by Yemeni parties.

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