Al-Alimi” Tops List of Most Expensive Politicians’ Salaries around the World

Yemeni media outlets, including “Yemeni Press Agency,” released a shocking list of “the most expensive politicians’ salaries around the world,” the top is Rashad al-Alimi, head of the pro-coalition Presidency Council.

Al-Alimi came in the widely circulated list, second in the world, with a salary of “one million six hundred thousand dollars,” after the Singaporean president, who ranked first in the world with a salary of “one million six hundred thousand dollars.”
According to the list, “the difference between Al-Alimi and the Singaporean president is the difference in per capita GDP, in Singapore; it reached $86,000, compared to $350 in Yemen.
This list sparked widespread public anger among Yemenis, especially since its disclosure came in light of the continue deprivation of Yemeni citizens from their salary entitlement.

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