American Moves in the Yemeni File Raises Saudi Panic

An American move in Yemen file sparked on Monday unprecedented Saudi panic, revealing fears of Washington’s return to the forefront of the scene in Yemen, in light of Riyadh’s attempt to remove it.

Exclusive-Alkhabar Alyemeni:

US envoy, Tim Lenderking, who has just returned from Saudi Arabia, is organizing a leader’s conference recently known for their opposition to the coalition, specifically Saudi Arabia.

Tawakkol Karman, a member of Islah Shura Council, was invited to the upcoming conference, along with Abdulaziz Jabari, deputy speaker of House of Representatives, along with Saleh al-Jabwani, the former Minister of Transport in Aden government, as well as Islah governor in Socotra, Ramzi Mahrous, invited to attend.

During the recent period, these leaders continued to attack the coalition; it criticizes his “colonial” politics from her residence in Turkey, despite her support for the war during its early years.

It was not clear whether the American movement was coordinated with the Saudis to contain these leaders

within the course of arranging for a new phase, or an American effort to search for papers in Yemen, In which its influence declined with the control of Anssarallah in the north of the country and the decline of the coalition’s dependence on Biden administration in the south and east of the country, but the arrangement of the conference, following the announcement by the American envoy from Riyadh of his continuation to efforts reviving peace with “relentlessness,” indicates Washington’s attempt to return to the scene from its widest gates.

In this context, the assistant editor-in-chief of official Okaz newspaper, Abdullah Al Hatilah, described Tawakkol as a “nasty old women.” hinting to Washington’s leadership aided Islah plot against his country during the last conference.

Saudi Arabia fears that the recent American move will move the public opinion and decision-making centers in the United States to pressure on Saudi Arabia to release leaders in what was called “legitimacy,” most notably Hadi, whose file Washington recently activated and forced Saudi Arabia to release his family after months of detention.

An American center reveals pressures to thwart the coalition’s “surrender” to “Houthis”, in addition, an American study center revealed Washington’s attempt to thwart what it described as the coalition’s “surrender” to what it described as “Houthis”.

The American Atlantic Council, which is affiliated with US intelligence, stated in a report that Washington is trying to restore what it described as the balance of power in the negotiations instead of what it described as “surrendering to Houthis’ demands.”

The report confirmed the existence of a division among the Yemeni forces loyal to the coalition due to the conflicts fueled by Saudi Arabia and UAE.

The report tried to arouse Saudi fears by saying that they will not get what they want except with “a Yemen that has a future.”

He also stressed the need for Saudi-Emirati consensus on a unified vision, the only solution to restore balance. Pointing out that the absence of agreement between the main members of the coalition on the future of Yemen and the role of its various political entities, as well as the distribution of oil and gas revenues, are the most prominent obstacles to achieving a permanent ceasefire agreement and moving towards a comprehensive peace.

The report acknowledged Washington’s efforts to preserve Islah Party, calling for a settlement of its status.

The report coincides with US arrangements to hold a conference of Islah Party leaders and others allied with it, as part of Washington’s efforts to restore its influence in Yemen. He refers to US administration’s fears of the negotiation’s success sponsored by the Sultanate of Oman between Sana’a and Riyadh.

In this context, the Lebanese newspaper Al-Akhbar revealed, in a press release, a new American offer that includes granting Anssarallah “Houthis” the administration of Yemen in return for guarantees related to border security and others.

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