Employees of Oil Company Organize Protest in Shabwa

Employees of the oil investments company in Shabwa province, on Monday, held a protest in front of the gate of Sector 4 in Ayadh region, eastern Yemen.

The protesters denounced the arbitrary decisions issued against them by the director of Sector 4 of the company “YCOM”, Mohsen Saleh, and their dismissal from their jobs on the pretext of stopping pumping operations, because Sana’a forces prevented the export of oil.

According to YPA, the protesters raised banners demanding that the responsible authorities in the government of Moain Abdul Malik, affiliated with the coalition, stop the excesses of the director of Sector 4, the systematic tampering to which the oil field is exposed, and hold accountable those who caused that negligence.

The employees warned of the danger of the administration’s neglect of maintenance operations and the resulting disadvantages that may affect the performance of oil facilities.

They also demanded the opening of an urgent investigation into what they called corruption files practiced by the administration of Sector 4, the management of the investment company, paying their salaries and interrupted dues, and the transfer of Sector 4 field Office to Ataq city so that employees can follow up their cases and financial dues.

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