UAE Official Accompanied by Foreign Officers Arrives at Socotra

An Emirati official arrived on Monday at the Yemeni island of Socotra during the past hours, accompanied by foreign officers, in a new violation of Yemeni sovereignty.

Informed political sources said that: “the representative of the ruler of UAE emirate of Ajman, Awad Al-Junaibi, arrived at Socotra airport accompanied by Emirati officers, including foreigners, to hold an extraordinary meeting with the staff of the so-called Khalifa Foundation, the UAE intelligence arm, and a number of militia leaders on the island”.

The sources added that Al-Junaibi, accompanied by Emirati and foreign officers, visited Abdulkori island, which has been witnessing the construction of a military base in partnership with Israeli Navy since the beginning of last year.

The mysterious visit of the representative of the ruler of Emirate of Ajman to Socotra came in the context of the project of violation of Yemeni sovereignty and demographic and cultural change, amid the continued dispatch of dozens of foreign tourists, including Israelis to the island.

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