General Strike and Civil Disobedience in Aden

Aden city is witnessing a general strike and civil disobedience by merchants against the background of unfair decisions against them, which negatively affected the lives and livelihood of citizens.

The merchants announced the suspension of their business activity and the suspension of work on exporting and importing to and from Aden, for various commodities, including consumer and food.

This comes against the background of the decision of the Economic Council in Aden’s government to raise the customs exchange rate for imported goods from 500 to 750 per dollar.

The decision sparked widespread controversy and societal indignation on social media.

Yemeni activists called for demonstrations of anger in the areas controlled by the “Presidential Council” to condemn the lethal dose.

This coincides with a state of tension following the decision of the pro-coalition council to completely remove all basic materials and services.

Activists on social media called on citizens in Aden, Taiz, Marib, Hadramout, Shabwa, and the western coast to go out in demonstrations to demand the removal of the Presidential Council and the Maeen government, which they accused of corruption.

The calls come in the wake of the Presidential Council’s approval of a series of decisions aimed at the two-day life of citizens, most notably raising customs duties by 50%, in addition to raising the prices of oil derivatives and foreign currencies, which will cast a shadow over the deteriorating suffering of citizens on a daily basis.

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