Battles Rage between al-Qaeda and STC in Abyan

The district of Mudiyah in Abyan province, southern Yemen, on Monday, witnessed fierce battles between the UAE-backed militias and tribes known as “Al-Zumra”, supported by the Islah Party and Al-Qaeda.

Local sources said that fierce clashes took place between the two sides, amid reports that al-Qaeda has sent hundreds of its members to take part in the new battle against the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC)’s militias in the district of Mudiyah.

This came after the “STC” factions invaded residential villages in the district, the birthplace of what was known as the ” Al-Zumra “, and Islah leaders, after sending, large military reinforcements from Zinjibar to Mudiyah last Wednesday.

In the same context, tribal sources said that hundreds of al-Qaeda elements arrived in the past hours to the outskirts of the Mudiyah district, coming from the Hatib district, south of the Shabwa border province.

The latest news from Mudiyah reported that the clashes spread to the northern areas of the same district.

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