New Statistics: Over 3,000 Children Have Cancer & at Dying Risk

Intsaf Organization for Women and Children’s Rights reported that more than three thousand children in Yemen suffer from cancer and are at risk of dying as a result of the continued war and siege.

In a statement it issued on the occasion of World Cancer Day, February 4, the organization stated that the number of children with leukemia is constantly increasing and in staggering numbers, as it rose from 300 cases to 700 cases in the capital Sana’a. As a result of the coalition’s use of internationally prohibited weapons in Atan and Nuqm in addition to the injury of a thousand children in the rest of the provinces.

The statement pointed to the lack of more than 50% of medicines for cancer patients, especially targeted and chemical medicines, due to the continuation of the blockade.

Patients were also deprived of their right to travel abroad for treatment, calling for the opening Sana’a International Airport and allowing patients to travel.

It stated that cancer patients, including children, suffer from various challenges, as they have to wait in long lines and travel miles to get their main treatment, in addition to the great economic suffering that hindered the continuity and regularity of their treatment. As a result of the economic blockade and non-payment of salaries, as most of the patients’ families struggle to save treatment costs. Including expensive medicines, housing, transportation, and more.

The organization held the Saudi-led coalition led by America and Saudi Arabia responsible for all crimes and violations against civilians, especially children, over a period of 8 years, calling on the international community organizations, human rights and humanitarian bodies to bear legal and humanitarian responsibility for the violations and heinous massacres.

Intsaf Organization called on world’s free people to take effective and positive action to stop the war, protect civilians, and to form an independent international commission to investigate all crimes committed against the Yemeni people, and to hold accountable all those found involved in them.

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