Saudi Delegation Visits Aden to Withdraw STC Weapons: Saudi Official

Saudi military delegation visiting the city of Aden, southern Yemen, aiming to withdraw heavy weapons from the Southern Transitional Council (STC) militias.

Saad bin Mohammed Al-Omari, a Saudi politician and activist confirmed on Twitter that the Saudi delegation arrived in the city of Aden to collect and receive heavy weapons from the STC.

On Thursday, the head of Saudi military delegation, Hamid Muhammad Al-Ghamdi, had met with the Minister of Defense in the “coalition-backed government” in Aden, and directed to raise readiness and preparations for what he called “incoming possibilities.”

This came after the arrival of the so-called “National Shield” forces, which Saudi Arabia recruited from extremist Salafist groups, at the city of Aden during the early hours of last night, coming from Saudi territory.

Observers have believed that Saudi Arabia seeking to put an end to the STC militias in the city of Aden, by implementing the so-called “Riyadh Agreement” signed on November 5, 2019, between the coalition-funded factions to share in the government, after its militias took control of the city of Aden in August of the same year.

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