Saudi Arabia Sponsors Agreement to Disarm STC

Saudi Arabia began arrangements in Aden to disarm the Southern Transitional Council (STC) factions, the de facto authority in southern Yemen.

This comes a day after it confirmed the complete overthrow of the city by its affiliated factions.

The commander of support in the coalition, Sultan Al-Bogami, organized a meeting between the leader of “Dir’ Al-Watan” factions loyal to his country, Bashir Al-Mudrabi, and the Commander-in-Chief of the Security Belt Brigades, Mohsen Al-Wali, which is the first of its kind since the formation of the new factions’ months ago.

Sources in “Dir’ al-Watan” reported that during the meeting, it was agreed to start a disarmament campaign.

The agreement includes that the security belt forces, which were handed over the security file in Aden, and with “Dir’ al-Watan” forces, impose a curfew with weapons.

The security belt has already begun promoting the campaign to prevent the curfew with weapons through local media.

The curfew with weapons apparently aims to restrict the movement of the military factions, most notably the “Southern Resistance Council,” which is led by Abu Hammam al-Yafei.

He threatened to target the President of the Presidential Council and members of his cabinet and council if they returned to the city.

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