The Most Prominent Sites of American Forces in Yemen

The areas under control of Saudi-led coalition in Yemen have turned into theaters and military barracks for the US forces and contractors working with them.

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while there was recently an American presence at Al-Ghaydah Airport in Al-Mahra province, in the presence of the Deputy Commander of the Central Forces, Commander of the Fifth Fleet, Admiral Brad Cooper, and the American Ambassador to Yemen Stephen Fagin, this review is only a manifestation of the American presence in Yemen, while in fact Washington’s role in Yemen is not limited to support, supervision, and guidance. Rather, there are American forces on the ground, according to what is revealed and revealed by American documents.

Among these forces are the so-called green berets that were deployed in late 2017 on the border between Yemen and Saudi Arabia to carry out secret missions for the Saudi coalition, as revealed by the New York Times at the time and later recognized by the Pentagon.

In addition to these forces, there are forces present in at least six areas in the southern provinces of Yemen, which are Balhaf in Shabwa, Al-Rayyan and Seiyun in Hadramout, Al-Ghaydah airport in Al-Mahra, Al-Anad base in Lahj and Al-Buraiqa in Aden, and there is a limited presence of what is known as American contractors affiliated with the Pentagon in the province of Marib and parts of the western coast.

This is according to what was revealed by a document issued by the US Department of Defense in the year 2018, which includes a tender to contract with private service companies to provide logistical services in these areas.

These forces carry out operational tasks within the war in Yemen, including monitoring communications and directing military operations.

They also exercise oversight over the local administration of the areas under their control.

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