Yemeni Statues Sold at an Auction in United States

Antiquities experts published pictures of a rare Yemeni artifact that was smuggled and sold abroad.

Antiquities expert Abdullah Mohsen said that the piece is a bronze statue of a leading man from Saba, Yemen, and sold at public auction (March 9, 2023 AD).

He pointed out that the statue from the (Fayez Barakat) collection failed in the sale on September 26, 2019 AD due to the exaggeration in the opening price of the auction, and  displayed again on March 9, 2023 AD at the Artemis auction in the United States.

Mohsen indicated that the piece is “a charming statue of cast bronze, from the sixth century BC, of a standing man with broad shoulders and his arms bent at the elbows as if they were carrying an offering, and he looks forward with a rather serious look, with large almond-shaped eyes, and a sharp forehead line, A natural nose, upturned lips, and a carefully trimmed beard crowned with a curly hairdo.

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