Saudi Leak of American-British Coup Plan through STC in Yemen

Saudi Arabia leaked on Saturday; details of an American-British plot aimed at overthrowing it in Yemen.

Exclusive-Alkhabar alyemeni:

Saudi intelligence tracking pages on social media reported that British and American intelligence provided great support to the Transitional Council, the de facto authority in southern Yemen, on the basis of the coup against Saudi Arabia. Noting that Saudi Arabia discovered the scheme and hastened to abort it by declaring war on STC, dismantling it and reducing its influence.

This is the first time that Saudi Arabia has revealed the scenes of its war against STC since it launched a campaign to eradicate it militarily, economically and politically.

According to the sources, the most prominent aspect of the British-American plan included the expansion of the transitional government towards Hadhramaut and Al-Mahrah, it rejected Saudi negotiations with “Houthis” or obstructed them through military escalation.

In recent months, Saudi Arabia has waged a relentless war against STC, which is supported by UAE to the extent of accusing it of being loyalty to Iran and targeting its forces.

The leak of the plan coincided with the announcement of the agreement with Iran, confirming Riyadh’s decision to take off the American-British mantle and establish new bases in the region.

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