Three Brigades Ready to Deploy in the City, STC Loses Most Important Districts of Aden

The Saudi-led coalition resumed, on Monday, overthrow Aden, southern Yemen, as part of a strategy to end the influence of Southern Transitional Council (STC) over the city.

Exclusive-Alkhabar alyemeni:

The Saudi forces handed over the tasks of securing vital installations in Al-Shaab City to the Nation Shield forces.

Local sources reported that a special battalion of these factions, which was recently formed by Saudi Arabia and includes a mixture of the Islah factions, the Salafists, and Tariq Saleh, took over the tasks of protecting important facilities in the district, most notably the coalition camp and the headquarters of the supreme command of the “army.”

The special battalion also strengthened its position at the entrances and exits of the Directorate to fully secure them.

The battalion, which was introduced by Saudi Arabia during the past hours, comes as part of a plan aimed at deploying three brigades in the city under the name “Shield of the Nation.”

press sources reported that the brigades were trained during the last period in Lahj province, and they are expected to be deployed in the coming days.

The People’s City is the first district to fall completely in the hands of the opponents of the STC , despite the fact that these factions, led by Al-Alimi personally, received vital facilities such as Aden Airport and other institutions.

It is not yet clear whether the new deployment step is part of arrangements for Al-Alimi’s return or a strategy to expel the STC factions, but its timing indicates that Saudi Arabia is continuing its decision to end the STC’s influence there.

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