Progress in Prisoners’ Negotiations and Disagreements over Final Formula

The parties participating in the Yemeni prisoners’ negotiations, held in Switzerland, made new progress on Monday, despite the intensification of differences over the final formula.

Exclusive-alkhabar alyemeni:

The United Nations revealed that the parties exchanged lists of prisoners expected to be released before Ramadan month as a preliminary stage, and the lists include 200 prisoners from both sides.

Sources at UN reported that international pressure is underway to complete the initial deal in the coming days, as a step to be followed by a larger step that may include 2,000 prisoners from both sides.

The progress achieved so far comes on the basis of escalating disagreements within a particular government team. Islah party rejects what it considers “fragmentation” and calls for the approval of “all for all” agreement, even though its team did not provide the names of the prisoners in Sana’a.

Khaled Bahah, the former prime minister, also criticized the removal of defense minister name in his government, Mahmoud Al-Subaihi, from the exchange lists, stressing on the need to put him in the foreground.

Aden government team has witnessed disputes during the past days because of the initial list of names that the United Nations is calling for to be released before Ramadan.

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