PM of Aden Govt’ Begins Emptying the Central Bank

Maeen Abdulmalik, the head of the pro-coalition government in southern Yemen, began on Wednesday, massive withdrawals of money from the central bank in Aden.

Exclusive-Alkhabar alyemeni:

This coincides with developments in the scene that herald the end of Maeen’s term as prime minister of Aden’s government.

Media sources reported that a specific withdrawal of three billion riyals was made at once. The mechanism for disbursing the amount or the destination for sending it was not known.

Moein arrived two days ago in Aden for the first time since the southern factions, led by Abu Hammam al-Yafei, announced their decision to prevent the return of Maeen’s government and the Presidential Council in response to Al-Alimi’s statements regarding the transfer of the southern case file.

The withdrawal process coincided with developments in the scene, the most prominent of which was the news about expected changes at the level of the prime minister, the latest of which was the inauguration by the Transitional Council from Radfan of the formation of popular escalation committees against Maeen.

It is not yet clear whether the withdrawal process was a preparation for Maeen’s dismissal or in anticipation of a new escape from Aden, but its timing indicates that Maeen is preparing a new scenario.

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