Desperate Attempts to Thwart the Prisoners’ Negotiations

Islah party rose the attempts on Saturday, to abort the UN-sponsored prisoner negotiations in the Swiss capital a few days ago.

Exclusive-Alkhabar alyemeni:

This comes in the wake of removing the party leader from heading Aden government delegation.

Hundreds of party supporters carried out a demonstration in Taiz, while its leaders continued to threaten at a time when it reduced the progress made in the file.

Although the party raises the name of Muhammad Qahtan, whose name was dropped several times during the previous rounds of negotiations, however, the former head of the delegation, Hadi Haig, claimed responsibility for the attack. Observers counted attempts to thwart the new team led by GPC affiliated and called Yahya Muhammad Kazman.

The statements of the party leader, Muhammad Qaizan, and his belittling to the successes value in light of the overthrow of Qahtan, also reflected his tendency to thwart the negotiations in various ways.

Haig hinted in press statements to the occurrence of selectivity in dealing with the prisoner file, citing the omission of his party leader’s names from the exchange lists, on the other hand, the negotiating delegation for Aden government confirmed that progress had been made, which he described as “moving slowly.”

Majed Fadael, a member of the delegation from the West Coast, indicated that the delegation seeks to reach a mutually satisfactory agreement on the exchange of prisoners.

In decreasing the value of Islah escalation.

Negotiations are continuing in the Swiss capital, Geneva, under UN auspices and with Saudi participation, in an attempt to pass a deal before the holy month of Ramadan.

A list of 200 prisoners is currently being negotiated, which Aden government delegation limited to fighters from Marib only.

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