YouTubers Case Reserved for Judgment Next Tuesday

The “Specialized Criminal Court” remanded on Saturday, the case of YouTubers Mustafa Al-Momari and a group of others until next Tuesday to pronounce the verdict.

Earlier, the prosecution directed the defendants, Mustafa Muhammad Ahmed Hassan Al-Mumri, Ahmed Ahmed Abdel-Khaleq Ali Hajar, Ahmed Yahya Ali Allaw, for broadcasting false and malicious news, statements and rumors during the past year, and exciting propaganda with the intention of disturbing public security and harming the public interest by creating channels under their names on the “YouTube” site, and they managed them from the capital’s secretariat and broadcasted these materials in.

The decision included the incitement of Al-Moumri, Hajar and Alaw, the people to chaos and take to the streets, breaking into ministries, paralyzing their function, and not obeying the laws in force, which leads to serving the continuous aggression in its war and siege on Yemen.” Al-Moumari was charged with defaming all officials in Yemeni government institutions.

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