US Reinforcements Arrive in Shabwah after a Soldier Killed

The United States sent on Sunday, military reinforcements to Shabwah province, eastern of Yemen, following the killing of an American soldier at a military base east of the oil province.

Exclusive-Alkhabar alyemeni:

Military sources in Shabwah reported that US forces came on board military helicopters to Marrah camp, east of Ataq, coming from a naval barge stationed in the Arabian Sea.

The new reinforcements come on the eve of tension within the camp, which is used by American units as a base for them on the Arabian Sea.

Clashes broke out earlier Friday between members of the US Marines and other Salafis from the “southern giants” who are in charge of protecting the camp and securing its surroundings.

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The sources indicated that the clashes erupted after the killing of an American soldier by Salafist elements who demanded from them to close loudspeakers during the Friday sermon in the camp.

This was followed by the arrest of eight giants by American soldiers amid ambiguity surrounding their fate.

The giants demand the immediate release of the detainees.

Marrah camp is one of several military bases for US forces in eastern Yemen, where US units are deployed in a base in nearby Mukalla and another in Al-Mahrah, in addition to bases in the south, most notably in Abyan and Al-Anad.

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