UAE Reveals Details of New One-Year Agreement in Yemen

The UAE revealed, on Sunday, the details of a new agreement being prepared by regional and international parties in Yemen.

Exclusive-Alkhabar alyemeni:

The Emirati newspaper, Al-Bayan, quoted unnamed sources as saying that the agreement, which is currently being formulated, stipulates a comprehensive cease-fire for a period of one year, during which roads between the provinces will be opened, the financial resources of the state will be unified, and the banking division will end, not to mention the dismissal of all state employees and a commitment to prepare for political negotiations during which Discuss the details of the current stage and form a unified government.

The sources considered the new agreement an alternative to a previous agreement that was proposed during the previous period, and it includes a cease-fire in exchange for more humanitarian gains, stressing that the new agreement paves the way for a comprehensive peace agreement in the country that has been under war and siege for eight years.

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