Sana’a Defense Sends Warning Messages to Saudi Coalition and Israel

The Minister of Defense of Sana’a, Major General Muhammad Nasser Al-Atifi, affirmed, on Tuesday, their readiness to “take any combat stance with solidity and high combat efficiency,” warning the Saudi-Emirati coalition by saying that they must understand “the nature of the stage and its entitlements.”

Major General Al-Atifi said, “Yemeni’s sovereignty over regional waters, ports, islands, and shipping lanes is one of the constants that underestimates all sacrifices,” in an indication of Sana’a’s upcoming strategy towards the naval battle.

Sana’a defense minister sent a warning message to the Israeli entity, saying, “Its tampering in the Red Sea will not last long, and our free will cannot accept its interventions.  Alliance and its factions.

spokesman of Sana’a forces, Brigadier General Yahya Saree, confirmed, on Sunday, that the continuation of the war on Yemen “will only lead to further escalation and work on more legitimate options to defend our country,” in a warning to the Saudi-Emirati coalition against the continuation of its crimes in Yemen. This came in conjunction with the war on Yemen is approaching its ninth year.

Brigadier Saree said in a press conference, “The practical regimes that launched the war must absorb the lessons of what happened during the years of war and that Yemen has become more powerful,” referring to the extent of the capabilities of Sana’a forces growth and where they have become after eight years of war and siege.

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