The UAE reveals Saudi efforts to reset negotiations with Sana’a to the starting point

On Thursday, the United Arab Emirates revealed a new Saudi approach to negotiations with Sana’a.

Informed sources told Emarat Al-Youm that Saudi Arabia plans to re-propose its initiative in Yemen during the impending visit of its envoy to Sana’a “northern Yemen,” According to the sources, the Saudi ambassador Mohammed Al-Jaber, who recently visited Aden persuaded Rashad Al-Alimi, the head of the presidential authority in southern Yemen that is loyal to Saudi Arabia, as well as the head of his government Maeen Abdulmalik, to expand the initiative that Riyadh had previously proposed but Sana’a had rejected.

The newspaper also pointed out that Saudi Arabia has added references that Yemen rejects to the draft of the initiative in exchange for implementing Sana’a’s conditions, which include opening roads and lifting the siege.

According to sources, the Saudi ambassador, and the Omani mediation team should be arriving in Sanaa shortly. The ambassador was also expected to provide clarifications on controversial issues, the most significant of which is salaries.

It is not clear whether the Emirati leaks are part of attempts to confuse matters or reflect a new direction for the coalition, of which the UAE is part. However, if the Saudi initiative is re-proposed, this would indicate Riyadh’s attempt to buy time to reorganize its factions in the south, especially since Sanaa has previously rejected the initiative, which means returning negotiations to square one.

Saudi Arabia’s recent moves indicate its attempt to avoid discussing issues related to the extension of the ceasefire and salaries.

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