New UAE conditions for rescuing the Presidential Council

UAE has reportedly placed new conditions on Rashad Al-Alimi in exchange for rescuing his pro-coalition authority in southern Yemen, which is suffering from a severe financial crisis.

Exclusive – Al-khabar Al-Yemeni:

Sources familiar with the matter revealed that the UAE’s Minister of Justice handed Al-Alimi a list of demands from Abu Dhabi. The most prominent demand according to sources, is to issue an official memorandum to lift the sanctions imposed on Saleh’s son, Ahmed Ali Abdullah Saleh, who is competing with al-Alimi for the presidency of the Al-Moatamar Party.

UAE is promoting Saleh’s son as an alternative to his father and has allowed him to issue a statement on unity despite its support for the separatist movement in Hadramout.

Another demand is the inclusion of Muslim Brotherhood political figures on the sanctions list.

According to his government’s official news agency, Al-Alimi arrived in Abu Dhabi earlier today in an attempt to obtain economic support from UAE.

The visit comes at a time when his government is facing a financial crisis that warns of its bankruptcy. The visit has raised concerns among leaders in the Al-Islah Party.

The leader of the Al-Islah party, Abdul Salam Mohammed, did not rule out the possibility that Abu Dhabi would succeed in pressuring al-Alimi to lift the sanctions on Saleh’s son and include leaders from his party on the wanted list.

In a post on his official social media page, Abdul Salam considered the UAE’s sending of its Minister of Justice to receive al-Alimi an attempt to humiliate him due to his failure to fulfill previous promises made to the Emirati leaders in exchange for their support.

Al-Alimi’s travel to Abu Dhabi is raising concerns from the Al-Islah Party due to its timing, as it comes at a time when Abu Dhabi is pushing to resolve the battle of Marib, the last stronghold of the party in northern Yemen.

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