UAE waving of military force with Saudi Arabia’s arranging to expel it from Socotra

On Thursday, UAE threatened to escalate the military situation on the island of Socotra, located off the eastern coast of Yemen.

This comes as Saudi Arabia leaked royal orders to hand over the island to Yemeni forces loyal to it.

Exclusive – Al-khabar Al-Yemeni:

The UAE transported a Russian media team to the island, where they showcased the military capabilities of the factions loyal to it there.

Sputnik News Agency cited Transitional Council military commander Al-Hajj as saying that southern forces were prepared to retaliate and harm any hostile forces in the south.

The UAE military display on the island under its control comes as it banned motorcycle activities and trade in a move that reflects its fears of movements targeting its presence on the island, which it aspires to annex as an eighth emirate.

On the other hand, Saudi activists and journalists circulated information about the issuance of royal directives to begin arranging the removal of UAE forces from Socotra.

Saudi journalist Mishal Al-Qahtani considered the expulsion of UAE forces as part of his country’s strategy, which began with its expulsion from Al-Rayyan airport, its last base in Hadramout.

It is not yet clear whether Saudi Arabia has officially decided to expel its small ally from its last gains in the war on Yemen or whether it is just a maneuver to pressure Abu Dhabi to support the Presidential Council, especially since the leak came after bin Zayed refused to support Al-Alimi and his attempt to insult him following his meeting with Khaled bin Salman.

Saudi Arabia and UAE are engaged in a new battle in the eastern region of Yemen, where the two allies are racing to determine the future of this region, which includes oil resources and important sites on the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean.

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