UN: Over half of the casualties in Gaza are women and children

The Secretary-General of the UN, António Guterres, stated before the Security Council that over half of the victims of the ongoing Israeli airstrikes on Gaza are women and children.

Exclusive Follow-ups / Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

Guterres condemned “clear violations” of international humanitarian law in Gaza and called for an immediate ceasefire, expressing his “grave concern about these violations.”

He emphasized before the commission the importance of acknowledging that “Hamas attacks did not come out of nowhere,” noting that “the Palestinian people have been subjected to suffocating occupation for 56 years.”

The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza announced that the casualty toll from the continuous Israeli forces’ aggression on the Gaza Strip since October 7th has risen to 6,546 martyrs—including 2,704 children, 1,584 women, and 364 elderly people—in addition to 17,439 citizens sustaining various wounds.

The Ministry stated that “the Israeli occupation has committed 44 massacres in the past hours, resulting in 756 martyrs, including 344 children, and the injury of 1,142 citizens with various wounds.”

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