For the second time… Saudi Arabia protects Israel from Yemen’s missiles

The Zionist newspaper Jerusalem Post reported that Saudi defenses intercepted a Yemeni missile launched towards the Israeli enemy entity on Saturday evening.

Follow ups / Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

According to the reports cited by the newspaper, the interception occurred in the Alaqan area of Tabuk, approximately 50 kilometers from occupied Palestine.

This is not the first time Saudi Arabia has protected the enemy entity from Yemeni missiles, as reports two weeks ago revealed a similar interception by Saudi Arabia.

According to an article written by the editor-in-chief of Al-Thawra Yemeni newspaper, Abdulrahman Al-Ahnoumi, when Sana’a initiated its operations against Israel on October 18th, it reassured the leadership on the Saudi side by informing them that the missiles and drones being launched at that time were not targeting the Kingdom but rather the Zionist entity. “Don’t worry,” they said.

According to Al-Ahnoumi, sources reveal that the Saudi response was shocking, as they expressed absolute rejection of any operations and stated that they refuse and do not accept any action that targets the Zionist entity from their airspace. They even added, “We will not allow it and consider it a violation of our sovereignty and a military escalation.”

The matter did not stop at the level of their response to the message, but the Saudis directly informed the Americans and Israelis about the operation and facilitated the interception of missiles and drones, providing support to the Americans in the interception process.

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