Gaza government media exposes the Zionist enemy’s lies about hospitals

The government media office in Gaza confirmed that what the Zionist enemy army spokesman promoted about hospitals were blatant lies, a contradictory narrative, and part of his psychological war on our Palestinian people.

The office said in a statement today that these lies come within the framework of a campaign of incitement and preparation for the destruction of hospitals over the heads of patients, medical staff, and displaced people.

It held the Zionist enemy fully responsible for any foolishness it committed against hospitals or health institutions in general.

It explained that the misinformation operations and the promotion of false narratives confirm that the leadership of the Zionist enemy army is in crisis and is living in a sick psychological state, through which it is trying to convince the world of its crimes and continuing aggression.

It called on the international community to stop this mockery and these open methods and lift the cover and green light it gave to the enemy army to commit more of these crimes against children, women, and civilians, as well as against the occupied hospitals and health and relief institutions.

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