Hamas: Zionist enemy’s claim that there are weapons in Al-Shifa Hospital is blatant lie

The Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, considered that the Zionist enemy’s claim of finding weapons and equipment in Shifa Medical Complex is nothing but a continuation of lies and cheap propaganda, through which it is trying to give justification for its crime aimed at destroying the health sector in Gaza.

The Palestinian Information Center quoted the movement in a statement on Wednesday, saying: These allegations are part of the trivial propaganda spread by the enemy during its storming of the Rantisi Children’s Hospital, where the occupation is placing weapons in the place and weaving a weak theater that no longer deceives anyone.

The statement added: We repeated more than once, two weeks ago, our call to the United Nations and international organizations to form an international committee to review the conditions of hospitals and determine the falsehood of the enemy’s narrative and its false claims because we are aware of the level of lies and deception that the enemy spreads to cover up its crimes against children, women, and defenseless civilians.

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