Sana’a expands its operations outside the Red Sea

Sana’a threatened on Saturday to expand its naval operations against the Israeli occupation.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

Official media outlets quoted a source in the Yemeni Navy confirming the capabilities and readiness of these forces to target Israeli ships in the Red Sea or anywhere unexpected by the Zionist enemy.

The source indicated that these forces are in the process of targeting Israeli ships, whether heading to Israel or elsewhere.

Sana’a’s move coincides with a call from Mohammed Al-Houthi, a member of the Political Council, for Arab countries to cooperate with his forces intelligence-wise to confront the Israeli occupation.

Just a few days ago, the leader of the Ansar Allah movement, Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi, directed the closure of Bab Al-Mandeb to Israeli ships.

Military leaders have pointed out that these ships attempt to camouflage their movements while crossing Bab Al-Mandeb by raising the flags of other countries or disabling their communication devices.

Despite the fact that the decision to close Bab Al-Mandeb has significantly hindered sailing towards Israeli ports, Sana’a’s decision to expand its naval operation of the Sana’a forces is aimed at fulfilling the threat made by the leader of Ansar Allah to seize those ships.

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