Gaza Health: Only three hospitals are operating in the northern Gaza Strip, at risk of collapse

Director of Health Ministry Munir Al-Barsh called in a statement for “the entry of medicines and medical supplies into Gaza in large quantities commensurate with the catastrophic health situation.”

The Director General of the Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip, Munir Al-Bursh, said on Sunday that only three hospitals are operating in the northern Gaza Strip, namely Al-Baptadi, Al-Awda, and Kamal Adwan, warning of their collapse due to weak capabilities.

Al-Barash added in a statement that “the quantities of medical aid and fuel that arrived in the Gaza Strip, especially the northern areas of the Strip, are very limited and insufficient, in light of the catastrophic health condition of the hospitals.”

He continued: “Medicines and medical supplies must be brought into Gaza in large quantities.

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