Sana’a resolves the Gulf of Aden ship issue and targeting the American battleship

Yesterday, Sana’a settled the controversy surrounding the Israeli ship in the Aden Gulf and the American allegations about the failure to target one of its battleships with ballistic missiles.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

Mohammed Al-Bukhaiti, member of the Ansar Allah movement’s political bureau, reiterated his description of the American allegations as a “play,” considering it an attempt to cover up their military failure and moral decline by supporting the crimes of the occupation in Gaza. According to Al-Bukhaiti, it aims to boost the morale of their naval personnel.

Al-Bukhaiti confirmed that the US fabricated a story about rescuing a commercial ship from armed militants in the Aden Gulf and claimed that Sana’a’s missiles failed to hit its battleship, which fell ten nautical miles away.

He explained that the location of the ship, referring to the area where US forces and its allies are stationed in the Aden Gulf, is not suitable for detaining the vessel. He indicated that Sana’a did not seize the ship due to its presence under US protection and in areas beyond its control.

He also pointed out that the ballistic missile system, which operates with a fixed target tracking system, differs from the naval missile system, which operates based on programs that track moving targets. It either hits the target or falls, and it is impossible for the margin of error to reach ten miles.

Al-Bukhaiti reiterated his affirmation that this story will not deter Sana’a from continuing to fulfill its religious, moral, and humanitarian duty by striking deep into the usurping entity and disrupting its maritime movement until it stops its crimes in Gaza, whatever the sacrifices.

He also reaffirmed that his forces will only target ships belonging to the occupation, warning other countries of the dangers of intercepting the armed forces while carrying out their duties in support of the oppressed on the ground.

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