American encirclement of Yemen with an aircraft carrier as the truce nears its end

On Monday, the US began encircling the Yemeni coasts just hours before the end of the truce in Gaza in an attempt to neutralize Sana’a.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

The US Central Command stated in a statement that the aircraft carrier group “Eisenhower” crossed the Strait of Hormuz on its way to the Gulf to complete its deployment there.

The Eisenhower group includes an aircraft carrier and several warships, including amphibious landing vessels and missile interceptors, and it had been deployed in the Mediterranean Sea out of fear of escalation by Hezbollah.

The movement of the Eisenhower group to the waters surrounding Yemen comes as the 4-day truce in Gaza is nearing its end, amid US concerns that the resumption of Israeli attack on Gaza would spark a regional war in light of Yemeni threats to expand the scope of the confrontation.

Although President Biden advised the Israeli occupation in his recent statement to extend the truce and proceed with the two-state solution agreement, the mobilization of the largest US naval group indicates concerns of a truce collapse.

Yemen is the only front that remained ignited during the truce, which began on Friday, and it served as an important pressure card on the occupation and its Western and American supporters to proceed with the agreement and prevent attempts to evade its provisions. It is the only front whose leaders are talking about what comes after the truce and are waving stronger options against the occupation if the war resumes.

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