A landmark operation against Israel in its allies’ stronghold in the Gulf of Aden… Sana’a discloses the executor

For the first time in the history of Israeli occupation, and perhaps Yemen as well, the occupation is being dealt blows outside the framework of the Red Sea and Bab Al-Mandeb, which have represented important turning points in the Arab Israeli conflict over the past decades and have recently become a nightmare for them. What are the implications of these attacks, and who is behind it?

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

Just hours before the detention revelation of the Israeli vessel’s ”Central Park” in the Gulf of Aden, Muhammad Al-Bukhaiti, a member of Sana’a’s Political Bureau, wrote a tweet on his official social media page, or rather, he reposted a tweet he had written years ago, praising the heroics of the people of Aden and expressing hope for the unity of Yemenis.

According to experts and analysts, Al-Bukhaiti’s praise for the people of Aden is closely linked to the recent operation, which Sana’a did not officially adopt. The US Department of Defense still speaks of unidentified individuals who carried out the operation to seize the Israeli vessel, as reported by Reuters, quoting a defense official. However, it is not yet clear whether al-Bukhaiti is referring to the operation being carried out by pro-Gaza sympathizers in the south or by southern factions that believe in unity and have a close relationship with the Ansar Allah movement.

In any case, the operation may be an extension of a series of operations carried out by Sana’a forces in the Red Sea or beyond. Its leaders have previously threatened to target the occupation outside the Red Sea and in unexpected areas. The Gulf of Aden operation, which is under Emirati American protection and with around 60 countries participating in an American Israeli alliance to secure Bab Al-Mandeb, may be one of them. But what is important now is that the blockade on the Israeli occupation has effectively been completed in Yemen, with operations extending from the Red Sea to the Indian Ocean, passing through the Gulf of Aden. This step may mark the end of any Israeli ambitions to use these corridors, and it will not be limited to preventing passage through Bab Al-Mandeb; it may also extend to preventing ships leaving the region from reaching Israeli ports, even in the Mediterranean, considering that most Israeli oil ships come from the Gulf, while reports indicate that weapons are being shipped from the Indian subcontinent.

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