Palestinian Health Ministry: The health situation in the Gaza Strip is painful and disastrous

The Palestinian Health Ministry warned that the health situation in the Gaza Strip as a result of the continued Israeli aggression against it has become extremely painful and catastrophic as a result of major hospitals being out of service.

pointing out that the remaining three hospitals in Gaza City and its north are small and not qualified to receive large numbers of wounded, and the medical and clinical capabilities are limited.

The Ministry said during a press conference today: The sector’s hospitals are already exhausted; they have become exhausted by the siege and then the aggression, which threatens more lives lost, especially since the temporary truce agreement did not provide them with medicines, services, and fuel.

The Ministry stressed that the major disaster is also the weak capabilities of hospitals in the northern Gaza Strip, which cannot bear the burden of the brutal, intense bombing of residential neighborhoods and the resulting large numbers of martyrs and wounded civilians and children, stressing that there is not a single bed available to receive new cases as a result of the continuation of this aggression despite a number of victims arriving at hospitals, and large numbers are still under the rubble.

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