Ansar Allah Spokesman: The UAE’s reception of the enemy entity’s president is a political condemnation and encouragement for continuing crimes against Gaza’s people

Mohammed Abdul-Salam, a spokesman for Ansar Allah, stated that the UAE’s reception of the president of the Zionist enemy entity is a political and moral condemnation, encouraging the enemy to continue its brutal crimes against the people of Gaza.

Follow-ups – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

Abdul-Salam, in a post on the “X” platform, mentioned that the humanitarian environment is polluted with Israel’s crimes and those who support, encourage, and sustain it. This necessitates conferences to confront, combat, and counter it is using all possible means.

Circulating images showed moments of the UAE President, Mohammed bin Zayed, warmly receiving the president of the enemy entity during the Climate Summit, and tweeters circulated a video showing activists demanding an end to the war on Gaza during the Climate Summit in Dubai.

Blogger Abbas Al-Dhali, in a post on the “X” platform, stated, “The climate summit is supposed to be for the preservation of humanity, yet all these leaders gather while thousands of people are being exterminated. Humanity is a big lie in the face of this savagery.”

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