US alert in Yemeni waters as Sana’a announces expansion of its options and major allies withdraw its destroyer

The US forces announced a state of alert among its stationed battleships off Yemeni waters on Saturday. This comes following Sana’a’s declaration of expanding its military options in response to the Israeli occupation resuming its aggression against Gaza.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni

The US Central Command released photos showing American fighters conducting reconnaissance operations aboard the USS Eisenhower aircraft carrier.

The US Defense Forces announced a few days ago that the aircraft carrier would be moving from the Mediterranean to the Gulf and stationed near Yemen.

The release of these new photos by the Central Command followed a statement by the spokesman for the Sana’a forces, Brigadier General Yahya Saree, regarding the decision to expand options against Israeli occupation due to its renewed aggression on Gaza.

The decision by the US Navy to conduct air patrols near Yemeni waters indicates growing American concerns about unexpected actions from Sana’a, especially as this move coincides with Japan’s decision, one of Washington’s key allies, to withdraw its only destroyer from the Gulf of Aden. This decision came after the destroyer was targeted by ballistic missiles alongside an American destroyer while attempting to rescue an Israeli ship that was allegedly seized by Somali militants, according to the US defense.

Previously, Sana’a had warned international forces stationed near Yemeni waters against intervening in its decision to ban the activity of Israeli ships off Yemen.

These movements, which also coincide with rapid international and regional developments in the region, foretell an expected outbreak of regional war in light of America’s attempts to alleviate pressure on the occupation to halt its crimes in Gaza, while the resistance forces in the region persist in its determination to engage in the battle in defense of the nation’s most important issues.

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