Massacre by the enemy army in Gaza

The Israeli occupation army announced on Monday morning the killing of three of its soldiers in battles in the city of Gaza and the northern Gaza Strip, while a fourth soldier was seriously injured.

Follow-up – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

Under the “permitted to publish” clause, the Hebrew media quoted the military spokesman for the occupation army as confirming the killing of three Israeli soldiers “during ground battles inside Gaza.” A fourth soldier was also seriously injured.

According to the Israeli Army’s page, the casualties are Sergeant Benjamin Yehoshua Needham, a fighter in the 401st Brigade (Iron Track Design), Combat Engineering Corps; Major General Reserve Neria Sha’ar Mifna, a fighter in the 6655th Battalion of the 55th Brigade (Hood Hanani League); and Major Reserve Ben Zusman, a fighter in the 401st Brigade (Iron Track Design), Combat Engineering Corps.

Amid internal pressures to disclose the losses, the Israeli enemy army admitted on Sunday the death of two Israeli soldiers by Palestinian resistance fire during the battle in the Gaza Strip.

The enemy army spokesman announced in an official statement the death of “First Sergeant and fighter in the 932nd Battalion of the Al-Nahal Brigade, “Aschalo Sama,” succumbing to injuries sustained on November 14th in Gaza.”

The enemy also announced the death of a soldier in the 82nd Battalion of the 7th Armored Brigade, “Or Barandis,” during battles in the Gaza Strip as well.

Yesterday, Israeli media reported the killing of Israeli Colonel “Asaf Hamami,” the commander of the Southern Brigade in the Gaza Division, who was killed on October 7th.

The media also mentioned the casualties and injuries among the Al-Nahal Brigade, one of the elite brigades in the enemy army, at the hands of the resistance in Gaza.

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