Israel expands its mass starvation campaign in Gaza Strip

Israel has expanded its total ban on humanitarian supplies entering large areas of the Gaza Strip as part of its ongoing genocide, waged since 7 October, Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor said in a statement emphasizing Israel’s use of starvation as a weapon against civilians.

The Israeli army had planned to largely cut off Gaza Strip’s central governorate from the Strip’s southern areas during the past 48 hours by imposing restrictions on movement and limiting the supply of humanitarian aid, such as food and drinkable water.

Although allowed into the Gaza Strip in small amounts, humanitarian supplies over the past two days have been confined almost entirely to Rafah Governorate in the extreme south of the Strip. These supplies have included sparse distributions of aid, mostly water and flour. The humanitarian aid to the neighboring Khan Yunis Governorate however was halted due to Israel’s severe attacks.

Since Israel resumed its attacks on the Gaza Strip last Friday following a one-week temporary humanitarian truce, humanitarian supplies have been completely prevented from entering Gaza and its northern areas, which have been isolated by the Israeli army for more than a month now as part of its ground incursions.

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