Photos of Yemeni fires in the core of Israel

Several fires broke out in the Israeli settlement of Eilat on Wednesday after it came under a missile attack from Yemen.

Exclusive – Al-Khabar Al-Yemeni:

Video footage circulated by Israeli activists in the past few hours showed columns of smoke rising from multiple areas in the strategic settlement on the Red Sea. Tweeters indicated that the fires were preceded by several explosions following the sighting of ballistic missiles and attempts by the defense system to intercept it.

The Israeli army acknowledged a new attack on the city from Yemen, claiming to have intercepted one of the missiles, while activists confirmed hearing more than two explosions.

This new aerial attack on Eilat is part of a series of missile and drone attacks that the city has been facing since Sana’a announced its decision to enter the confrontation against the occupation in response to Zionist massacres in Gaza.

According to official Israeli confessions, these attacks add to the maritime attacks that have rendered the city’s strategic ports out of service.

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